Re: 1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

Andrew Garrett (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:40:50 +1200

At 18:30 27/04/99 , you wrote:
>Thanks Andrew, very good points !  I agree totally the poster should
>say, I've done this and that and still need help.  Oh yes, (for Sasha)
>AND the version number.
>I was unaware there was a mailing list archive !
>I was NOT trying to side with nor against David nor the original poster
>here.  I've seen several responses lately that got me on the subject.
>Thanks !
There was one a while back, when I was last involved with AS  (BTW..... back to
loving it again, after being stuck in windoze for a while, thanks

I'm assuming it's around somewhere.... *hopeful look*


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