Re: Search engine?

Greg Anderson (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 02:52:33 -0400

I had a look at the listserver archives today.

I went to to search
and found it still did not have a search engine.  Did you have a
look at Webglimpse?  Webglimpse has gone commercial, but there is 
an older free version and even the newest commercial version is 
released to non profits for free.  Seems like AfterStep qualifies there:)

Older Free version found at ===>
Newer Commercial version at ===>

Greg Anderson

> Albert Dorofeev wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I have been looking for a search engine in the past few weeks.
> The purpose is to provide you all with a way to search the
> mail archives kept at However, so far I could find only
> one real search engine that worked: htDig. The problem with htDig
> is that when I run it agains the archives the database takes up
> between 40 and 50 Mb - that's for the current size of the archives
> of under 20 Mb in raw format. I do not feel comfortable with
> consuming so much space (although for a good cause).
> I wonder if anyone can point me to a search tool which is probably
> not as elaborate and powerful as htDig but takes up less space.
> Tigr