1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

Ron McConn (mcconn1@avlismail.llnl.gov)
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 09:57:49 -0700

Hi all,

	I have two questions.  

	First, what is an easy way to tell which version of AS that I am running?
I think I'm running 1.7.90 but I'm not absolutely sure.  I need this
version to run Gnome.

	Secondly, is there a trick to running Gnome and AS?  I have done as the
install instructions say by putting the exec call into my Xsession file
(also been put in xinitrc and Xclients) but it doesn't start.  I think I
need to put the path for Gnome in my path call but I'm not sure where it
installed.  So the real question is what's the path and where does it go?


	Ron M

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