Re: Search engine?

Greg Anderson (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 09:01:47 -0400

Albert Dorofeev wrote:
> Hi!
> To answer the previous couple of posts the mail archives
> of both the user and the development lists are located
> at
> > I went to to search
> > and found it still did not have a search engine.  Did you have a
> The mail archives are searchable now. You are just looking
> at one of the browsing scripts which is not supposed to do
> the searching.
> <rant>
> I suggest to have a look at
> (and hit the reload button) sometimes. You know, not too
> often, just to see if you are not missing something.
> The page may be very dull by itself but it is the root
> of the AS-related stuff there after all...
> </rant>
> I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody
> for their effort to help me. I really appreciate it.
> Tigr

Sorry, I was just accessing your site from the link on the
documentation page at

That link takes me to the "Browse archive" page on your site not
the "Search archive" page. I misunderstood and thought that was 
where the search utility would be added.  Perhaps a link on the
browse page to the search page would help the less mentally 
fortunate like myself:)

Thank you for all the work you've done on this.  The site is a great resource.

Greg Anderson