Re: 1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

James (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 14:25:52 +0100 (BST)

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, cajun wrote:

# When I have a question, the first thing I do is man whatever.  The


# second thing is search  If I still don't have a clue,
# I try to post to a listserver or newsgroup and seek help.

try visiting the websites as well (i.e if it's an afterstep problem, visit
the AS website)

# GENERALLY SPEAKING - I personally find most of the man pages very
# confusing and don't give information in the manner that is needed for
# some of us newbies.  Yes, I still consider myself a newbie and I've been
# using RH for about 2 years now.

if you find the man pages confusing, then it's the fault of the writer of that
page. The information should be easy enough to understand by a newbie, but
also provide enough information for experienced users to use it as a reference
(this is actually quite hard to do, which is why HOWTOs exist). If you do
find something confusing, then ask... "i'm reading the AS manpage and i
don't understand what the -foo switch does, can someone explain it" seems a
reasonable enough thing to ask.
# FWIW - When I do a 'man afterstep' I see a man page for AS ver 1.4. 
# When I do a 'afterstep --version' I get version 1.6.10.  So in this
# case, MY manpage is not up-to-date with the release of AS that I'm
# using.  No, I have not a clue why not, I just found this out prior to

or the manpage hasn't changed, or you forgot to do 'make' or
whatever you do...

# generating this email.  Do I know how to update the manpage?  No, but
# I'll bet I'll be able to find out with just a bit of work.

that's the idea... if you can't do something, try and fiddle.
# David, please understand that all of us don't fool with AS everyday as I

it's not all AS specific though, reading manpages and finding out info
is just 'how it's done' in Linux. Of course it helps if you know where to
go for info... (manpages, relevant websites, mailing list _archives_,
mailing lists ... in that order preferably, look in the archives, someone else
has probably asked a similar question)

# I personally find it not very helpful when someone says "do a man
# whatever".  Perhaps the poster did that and didn't understand what he
# was reading or needed more information.  MAYBE, he doesn't know what a
# manpage is nor how to get to it. Perhaps that was the case with the

then a book on basic Linux operation or joining the linux-newbie@vger
mailing list will help.
# original poster here.  I don't know, nor do I suspect anyone but the
# original poster does.  On the other hand, he could just be lazy and not
# wanted to do any research to learn how to do things for himself.

that last part is why people complain when silly obvious things are asked
(most linux programs will print their version number if you do 'progname -v',
same as 'progname -h' will usually print help). This is Linux, not windows
after all :)
# I understand some of the veteran users frustration when someone comes
# along and ask some question that they could have done five minutes worth
# of research and learned for themselves.  Not answering them, or giving a
# 'short answer' will NOT solve the problem.  If you've seen the problem
# and answered the question several times then 1) it is in your sent mail
# folder, take a minute to forward it to the person; 2) if the question
# comes up that often, then perhaps the docs need revising.

# I've always thought the purpose of listservers such as this one was for
# users of a similar product or thing to share ideas, ask questions, get
# general help, post problems and / or ideas for enhancements. If that's
# not the purpose of this listserver, please let me know immediately. 

that's what i thought it was for, there's a development list for people
who maintain and write AS (which is NOT the place to ask questions like
"how do i make AS my windowmanager")
# Again, not trying to start a war, just presenting another view.

and a valid view as well...

# Flame if you like, I can deal with it.

naah, flame wars get boring after a few iterations...

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