1.7.90: Two questions and a problem.

Tue, 27 Apr 1999 13:16:44 EDT

I have finally 'rediscovered' AfterStep, noting how light it is [if you can 
avoid the temptation to load 7 dozen modules].... however, I have a few 

1.  I recall in AS 1.0 the icons had the Window-Maker like 'block' behind 
them.  Now I can only get shaped icons like fvwm.  There must be a 
configuration option to set that, but I can't figure it out from the docs.  
Anyone know?

2.  Is there a convinent tool to set up menus?  ascp doesn't seem to do it, 
and handling the entries manually is awkward.

And I noticed if you use the new vertical titlebars with the gradient text 
option, the text doesn't wrap to one character per line and as such is all 
but cut off when a gradient is in use.  This seems like more of an oversight 
than an actual bug.

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