Re: 1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

Greg Anderson (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 13:12:20 -0400

Ron McConn wrote:
> Well, you guys really don't want people to post questions now do you?  The
> linux community claims to offer a better support for questions than
> Microsoft or other proprietary computer manufacturers and this response
> just shows how stuck up and snotty some Linux developers can be. 

Nice flame.  Stuck up and snotty must describe the vast majority of Linux
that spend their time helping others for free:)  If someone is burning out on 
answering what appear to be simplistic questions with answers easily obtained,
just wait and see if anyone else has something more constructive to say and
thank them for their time.

> If linux is ever to rise above the OS dictator that Windows is, tolerance for
> easy, simple questions will have to be learned.

Who wants Linux to beat out Windows?  It's already risen above Windows.  I
care less if the masses want to pay for each new bug fix for Windows with
hard earned cash.  If they haven't figured out it's sick to put 40 billion in
Bill Gates' pockets for a shitty OS, more power to em.  Linux is a community
Open Source users, not a community of people trying to bring Bill Gates to his

> Sorry for the rant..

Whatever, did you get your original question answered?

Greg Anderson