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Albert Dorofeev (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 10:12:53 +0200


> Well, you guys really don't want people to post questions now do you?  The

I answer questions sometimes but the answer depends on the question
just the way it should. Ppl always attempt to judge your level
(and the necessary level of the answer) from how you ask the 
question. In general, you are now asking everybody on the list
if they want questions to be asked. Well, I guess, yes and no.
Everybody around is busy with their own problems. However, we
all understand that if we do not help each other there will
not be a place to ask questions anymore - so, yes, we do.

> linux community claims to offer a better support for questions than
> Microsoft or other proprietary computer manufacturers and this response
> just shows how stuck up and snotty some Linux developers can be.  Not

Personally, I never claimed to provide any support to anyone
and I never wanted to fall so low as to be compared to the
Microsoft support. I put up information for my own fun. If you
find it useful - good. If you do not - fine. My goal is to keep
information from being forgotten and lost. Support? *shrug*
You can ask me for help just like you would ask your neighbour
to give you a hand with that ladder. However, if the neighbour
had a bad day and he is a bit grumpy you do not run around the
street shouting that he is an ass, right?

> everyone who uses Linux knows immeadiately how to configure/install all the
> nuances of the system nor do all of us have time to just sit in front of
> our boxes reading and rereading documentation.  I have a life beyond the

I beg your pardon, do you really think that I have the time
to sit the whole day in front of my box and read the same 
questions / write the same answers all day long? Why do you 
think it is easier for those who answer than for those who ask?

> computer and my family still claims I spend to much time in front of it as
> is.  Which brings me to another point, most of the documentation that is
> written is done so for a seasoned sys admin and not a novice user, too many
> assumptions that the user will just know what is being described.  I have

Yes, this is true and it is perfectly ok. If you talk to a child
in a "child-talk" your own mental level goes down. If you talk to
a child seriously like to a grown-up, he has to make an effort to
learn and your mental level does not suffer.

You have to make an effort here. You have to learn. I am perfectly
happy if I happen to write a clear and understandable manpage.
However, I do not want to write it just so that a newbie would

Look, we are not going (I hope) in the direction of child-oriented
configuration mechanisms. We are in a serious business of a serious 
window manager. It has a lot of complicated features. It is
very powerful. If you want to use it - learn it. Make an effort to
read and re-read that thick manual. It's like having a jet fighter.
You know how to drive a car. Would you expect to be able to handle
a jet fighter without making a considerable investment in learning
how to do it?

> read the man pages on AfterStep and remembered seeing a version command or
> parameter but couldn't find it again (forest for the trees type of thing).
> My main question wasn't about this parameter though, it was about getting
> Gnome to run.  I followed the instructions and I searched through all of
> the documentation BEFORE I decided to email this forum.  Had I known I

You would be long dead already if you did not :)

This was very nice of you to do. I just wish everybody searched
through all available documentation beforehand...

> would be looked down at by the group I would have erased the disk with
> Linux on it and gone back to Win95, since I can do everything I need right
> now without all the headaches of learning a new OS.  However, I like
> learning new things and I like Linux/AfterStep.

If you are happy with another OS, stop wasting your time on
trying to learn Linux. There is not much point in attempting
to switch to another OS if it does not bring you any benefits.
Do everything you need under Win, this is perfectly fine with
everybody here.

> In closing I would like to reiterate that I DID reread the documentation
> prior to sending my original email.  I posted my question to see if anyone
> else had similar problems with Gnome but instead I've gotten berated for
> being a newbie and having to much to do that limits my retention a bit.  If
> linux is ever to rise above the OS dictator that Windows is tolerance for
> easy, simple questions will have to be learned.

No, I do not think so. Linux is not an OS that makes the way
to the absolute dominance (despite all the hype). I believe
there is place for Linux but it is not in your Mom's study.
Linux does not have to do anything about the Win because one
does not have anything to do with another. So, don't push it.

It is a pity that you got more flames than useful responses
and this can be frustrating at times. I just wish you would
be more patient and tolerant to the people who answer tons
of questions here every day.

With all due respect,
Albert aka Tigr

P.S> This was my own opinion and has nothing to do with the
     (possibly different) opinion of the developers or other
     members of this mailing list.

Albert Dorofeev
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