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Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:07:04 -0500 (CDT)

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>How can I make pager of Afterstep-1.6 to have MORE than 4 desktops per
>I love to just have one workplace but with 6 or even 8 desktops... 

	If the Pager automagically starts for you, then edit the
'autoexec' file.  			**While this file is found in the
/usr/local/share/afterstep/ directory, please follow the suggested method
listed in the afterstep man page, under the FILES section - this section
states that all the default files [which get overwritten on each upgrade]
are global, and any user modified files should first be copied from this
global dir to the users ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/ dir.** 
Change the Pager entry in the 'autoexec' file at both occourences [Init
and Restart] to reflect the number of Desks you wish to have.  Default is
4 Desks, which is represented as 'Pager 0 3' [as described in the man
page].  Next, Pager must know if you want it to be horizontal or vertical
oriented [this should be changed to reflect the KeyWord nomenclature as
used by WinList, so we wouldn't need to make this following change with
each new desk], this is done by changing either/or/both the 
'*PagerRows #', and the '*PagerColumns #'.  You'll notice that for the 4
Desk default, the Pager is horizontal - haveing entries of Rows=1 and
Columns=4; if you need further clarification, check the entries in the
Pager man page.
	If you would like to increase the number of Views per Desk [ the
default having 4 Views per Desk], the edit the 'base.##bpp' file, where ##
is your colordepth [ xdpyinfo | grep 'depth[s] (' ].  The entry is
'DeskTopSize' [yes, another awkward place for this Pager stuff, maybe with
the new socket controls in the devel version, this will change].

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