Re: overlooked features (The need for Help Balloons)

Greg Anderson (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:10:24 -0400

Coplan wrote:

> I actually checked out the average feel file, and discovered that there
> are MANY options that I was never aware of before.  I don't know about the
> rest of you, but I typically only use the MAN pages for configuration, or
> if I have a problem, so I often overlooked those little features.  You
> ought to check out your feel files and see just how many cool tricks you
> can do with mouse button 2 and three.  =)

This is why I think help balloons should be added to 
AfterStep so you can quickly see what key and mouse
bindings do just by passing your mouse over the active 
areas of the screen. Buttons, titlebars, frames and 
frame handles, root window, pager, wharf...

Here's a link to my feel.HelpBalloon Kludge that uses
popup menus and Shift-Mouse clicks to display the 

You will find a link there to the feel.HelpBalloon file 
I use.  You can cut and paste the popup Help Balloons
from it.  If nothing else, it will get you playing around
with your feel files.  Remember to back up:)

Greg Anderson