Re: 800x600 would like 1088x675

Michael Stenner (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 08:54:45 -0400 (EDT)

Well, first of all... you might want to just add entries to XF86Config
rather than replace some.  XFree86 allows or multiple resolutions. You
switch between them by hitting the Cntr-Alt-Keypad+ and
Cntr-Alt-Keypad-.  Perhaps you should try playing with those keys first.

Second, I believe Debian hamm comes with a program calles XF86Setup (or
something like that -- do a "locate 86 | grep bin".  It is an easy
graphical way to set up that file.

Finally, if you really must putz around in XF86Config, make sure you
read (repeatedly) the corresponding manpage.  Also, look at the output
of X when it starts --- "startx > errlog 2>&1" (in bash, anyway).

Finally, I've never seen 1088x675 before... are you sure it's a valid
mode?  try 1024x768.


P.S.  It'd be nice if you set your mail client up to put newlines in
your mail (at 70 columns or so).  My mailer (which is fairly standard)
doesn't mess with your formatting, which leaves very long lines.  One
line, in fact :)

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Honeyfield wrote:

>Wow what a diference 800x600 makes, well compared to my previous setting 
>at 320x200 in vga16! Now I would like to know how to up it even higher, 
>which config file do I need to manipulate and how am I supposed to 
>manipulate it. When I manipulated /etc/X11/XF86Config on my Debian Hamm 
>it didn't change anything. I went though and modified anything that
>said 800x600 to 1088x675, my screen is supposed to be able to handle that.
>But the modifications did not do anything. I'm willing to stay at 8x6
>if I have to but am interested in seeing all I can.
>Thank you for your time,

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