Re: 800x600 would like 1088x675

Honeyfield (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 09:10:55 -0400

thank you I'll try that tonight. In response to your "ps", my Linux box does
not currently have a "REAL" modem so I must use my wife's windows pc.
sorry :(
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From: Michael Stenner <>
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Date: Thursday, April 29, 1999 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: 800x600 would like 1088x675

>Well, first of all... you might want to just add entries to XF86Config
>rather than replace some.  XFree86 allows or multiple resolutions. You
>switch between them by hitting the Cntr-Alt-Keypad+ and
>Cntr-Alt-Keypad-.  Perhaps you should try playing with those keys first.
>Second, I believe Debian hamm comes with a program calles XF86Setup (or
>something like that -- do a "locate 86 | grep bin".  It is an easy
>graphical way to set up that file.
>Finally, if you really must putz around in XF86Config, make sure you
>read (repeatedly) the corresponding manpage.  Also, look at the output
>of X when it starts --- "startx > errlog 2>&1" (in bash, anyway).
>Finally, I've never seen 1088x675 before... are you sure it's a valid
>mode?  try 1024x768.
> -Michael
>P.S.  It'd be nice if you set your mail client up to put newlines in
>your mail (at 70 columns or so).  My mailer (which is fairly standard)
>doesn't mess with your formatting, which leaves very long lines.  One
>line, in fact :)
>On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Honeyfield wrote:
>>Wow what a diference 800x600 makes, well compared to my previous setting
>>at 320x200 in vga16! Now I would like to know how to up it even higher,
>>which config file do I need to manipulate and how am I supposed to
>>manipulate it. When I manipulated /etc/X11/XF86Config on my Debian Hamm
>>it didn't change anything. I went though and modified anything that
>>said 800x600 to 1088x675, my screen is supposed to be able to handle that.
>>But the modifications did not do anything. I'm willing to stay at 8x6
>>if I have to but am interested in seeing all I can.
>>Thank you for your time,
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