Re: Wharfable ISP dialer?

David Taylor (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 13:12:44 +1000

David Mihm wrote:
> wmifs is not for ppp0, and the latest does NOT use these mouse
> clicks.  The app you want for ppp IS wmppp. :\

I think the latest version is wmifs-1.3b1-3, and it *does* use these
mouse-clicks, and it *does* work for starting and stopping *any* network
connection (depending on how you configure it).

The 1.3b1-3 version is the one I use.  I use it to monitor my ppp0 and
eth0 connection.  The docs say that it has "Autosensing of *ALL* active
network interfaces".

Then, the documentation gives this example for the rc file (~/wmifsrc):
left: /home/foobar/MyPPP-connect-script
middle: /home/foobar/MyPPP-disconnect-script
right: /home/foobar/MyPPP-reconnect-script  

Either I'm not using the latest version of wmifs, or someone else is
thinking about a different program.  But, either way, this is the
program I used to connect to the net just right now.  ;-)

ps.  wmppp is a good program also, allowing you to practically do the
same thing.

David Taylor.