Re: Wharfable ISP dialer?

Doug Alcorn (
04 Apr 1999 22:53:09 -0400

Dave LaMothe <> writes:

> On 02-Apr-99 Ed Barth wrote:
> > What's the best Wharfable app I should use to establish a ppp connection 
> > with my ISP?  Currently using netcfg to make the connection but would 
> > like the ease of a one-click Wharf button to do the same.
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> Just thought I'd supplement the many responses to this question with a
> different approach. I'm assuming you use RedHat since netcfg is that RedHat
> tool that's part of the RH control-panel. When I first tried to configure
> my ppp stuff it was immediately obvious that RedHat does things very
> differently that other distros, presumably to cater to the functionning of
> 'netcfg'; the scripts were not where the generic HOWTO's said they'd be, and
> when I found the scripts they were far more complex that the generic examples.
> Moreover, they all began with a warning such as "You should be using netcfg to
> change this stuff" or something to that effect. That was in the RH 4.2 days.
> With RH 5.2 little has changed in this regard. Also, by default, netcfg
> requires root permission.
> (rant)
> Sorry for the 'verboseness' of this, but often non-RedHat users (and RedHat
> users alike) overlook the fact that RedHat often differs in how it is set up.
[snip some more]

Just to put in my $0.02, all this is correct.  Red Hat does (of
course) do things a little differently.  The scripts they use are must 
more convoluted than the standard scripts.  However, I just said,
"screw it."  I started using wvdial to connect to the 'Net.  Works
like a champ.  Red Hat is oblivious to what I am doing.  wvdial is
easy to setup and once right, always works.  To make any user able to
connect, just make pppd setuid.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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