In afterstep 1.6
Thu, 6 May 1999 08:33:11 -0500

>How you do keep the pager running, but disable horizontal or vertical
>paging ?

I can see two meanings of your question :

1. Change DeskTopSize to be 1x1 instead of 2x2, in dase.YOURbpp file.
That will make every virtual desk to consist of single screen, instead of 4

2. If you want to still have several screens on each desk, but don't want
 to switch between them, when mouse gets to the edge of the screen then modify
your feel.YOURFEELNAME  file in
~/G/L/A/feels dir :

# To avoid unwanted moving, edges resist during N ms
EdgeResistance 500 500

set it to be  0 0 ( as far as I remember ),
or you can set it to be very big, so it would only switch if you
hold your mouse on edge of the screen for many seconds.

This setting is also usefull :
# Mouse pushing on screen edge : N%
moveEdgeScroll 100 100

I have it set to 50 50 , so when my mouse gets on the edge of the screen,
viewport moves in 50% increments (of the screen size), which is more
easy to apprehence.

Then do : menu/Desktop/Feels/feel.YOURFEELNAME, to make change effective.