Re: Positioning Iconified Windows

Ethan (
Sat, 1 May 1999 14:17:05 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 1 May 1999, Steve Ettorre wrote:

> For AS-1.7.90, I would like to have my windows iconify to the lower left
> hand corner of the screen. For AS-1.6.10 I used the following entry for
> the IconBox in my look file:
>      #IconBox                 54 21 -2 -2
>      IconBox                 10 710 -2 -2

Oops, the man page is deficient here.  I've added the following note to 
the man page to explain why this happens:

The IconBox will normally be filled from left to right, then top to 
bottom.  However, if the right edge of the IconBox is closer to the 
right edge of the screen than the left edge of the IconBox is to the 
left edge of the screen, then it will be filled from right to left.  
Similarly for top to bottom.  For example, "2 2 -1 -1" will result in an 
IconBox which fills from right to left, then bottom to top.

This note will be in my next patch.  The description may be a bit hard 
to follow; if someone has a better suggestion for wording, please 
respond in private email.

> However, this is not working for 1.7.90. The windows iconify to the
> lower right corner. Also, what do I need to set to not have windows
> iconify on top of existing window icons?

>From the afterstep man page:

Specifies that icons should avoid being hidden behind windows placed 
over the IconBox by moving themselves around (dancing icons).

The IconBox entry in the man page mentions StubbornIconPlacement.

Ethan Fischer