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Fri, 7 May 1999 12:22:44 -0400 (EDT)


The trick here is to understand that, in any UNIX or UNIX-like system,
small tools rule.  That means that you don't have a "mail fetching and
notification agent", but two programs which, together, do that job.  Keep
that in mind when trying to configure things, and you'll save yourself

In truth, when you're using POP3, you _are_ using local mail.  You just
don't know it.  All that stuff is being loaded to your local machine, and
that's what you're reading.

The .asmailrc file is the old-style configuration.  The version of asmail
I recently picked up from Tigr's site uses that config file by default.
It actually doesn't matter which file you use (although, for consistency,
you might want to point it at ~/G/L/A), but be aware that it will only
read its config from _one_ place.

The pixmaps you're having trouble with are defined in whatever config file
you're using.  So, you'll need to figure out which config you're using in
order to define these.  Reading 'man asmail' at this juncture would be a
good idea.

You can indeed configure asmail to use fetchmail every time.  I find that
this makes for an ugly effect in the Wharf (every time fetchmail gets
started) so I run fetchmail in daemon mode, and have asmail look in the
local mail queue.  Read Eric Raymond's vewrbose, purple, but utterly
complete manpage for fetchmail in order to see whether that's the way to


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On Thu, 6 May 1999, Mike Katz wrote:

> Hello
> I have recentl upgraded to AS 1.6 blah...  Im very new to AS and Linux... Im
> trying to configure asmail...  I dont realy use any local mail
> ( but I would like to retrive pop3 mail....  by default asmail
> seems to want to use elm... I dont have elm.. and the rpm is asking for all
> kinds of glib .so's I dont have....
> I read that asmail can use fetchmail... is this a better way to go? do I
> just change the asmail file?  Should I be using a .asmailrc file .. were
> should it be ~/G/L/A ? or in /root ?  or shold I be using asmail as the conf
> file?
> Also, right now it does not aper to be animated or using the correct .xpm
> ...  I wanted the spining e with the nice little sky background... it appers
> to be a little inbox type tray....
> any help with this would be greatly apriciated
> Katz
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