Re: Sugestions for AfterStep

David Mihm (
Fri, 7 May 1999 13:51:25 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 7 May 1999, Jeroen Asselman wrote:

>Hello all...
>I have some suggestions for afterstep and wonder if they are
>Dithering, something like windowmaker does. When using the gradient
>option with AfterStep you can exactly see where one color goes into the
>next color. WindowMaker uses some kind of ditering so you see one smooth
>gradient. It just give a nicer look.

	AfterStep is far better than Window Maker in this respect.  You
can actually define the number of colors to use in the "dithering"
process.  It's the 'MaxColors #' option in the look file, e.g.
	MyStyle "focused_window_style"
	  ForeColor	#daa520
	  BackColor	grey30
	  MaxColors	128
	  TextStyle	0
As you can see, 128 colors in a dither gives a very smooth transition.

>Modifiable borderwith of the startmenu,
>Start module, window layout module so (a very small and stable?)
>AfterStep only manages the modules. Adding features to differents
>modules seems to me much easier than adding to one big file... All the
>user input should of course be managed by AfterStep itself, and just
>pass all the input it gots (even mouse movents (?) so we could make a
>module to make a nicer mouse cursor) to the modules.

	Not sure on what your point is here, although it sounds like you
are describing the current operation.

>A respawn option? If a module crashes or exists which never should exit
>(like a startmenu module) have it restarted immediatly again.

	The startmenu isn't a Module, it is in ternal to afterstep binary;
thus afterstep is the one exiting.  Some confusing might exist thanks to
Red Hat on this issue; If the menu appears to not appear when you invoke
it, remove the wmconfig rpm as described in the README.Redhat and
README.rpm on both the ftp and web site.

>Clean up the todo list ... It looks like some things are already
>finished and still on the todo list.

	Well, well well, maybe no TODO list is even better. :P

>I would of course like to add these options myself if I could. However,
>I don't know if the devellopers would like these extra thingies... And
>second, (don't hit me) there is that little comment in most of the
>sources I takes me a long time before I understand what happens (I once
>wanted to make some modifications to the Animate module, and it took me
>some hours before I finally could add the option I wanted ....). I
>myself always try to add comments for at least every function and if
>possible every line I program so someone who has never seen the program
>should be able to read my comments to see what happens. I don't want to
>learn the devellopers a lesson. (Ok, this is probably wasn't correct
>English) I just want to make my point.

	Open Source is all about user input and conding.  If you'd like
something and know how to produce the code, go for it!  Help is always
welcomed. :)

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