Re: Keyboard problem in Aterm

Chris Ross (
Sun, 09 May 1999 15:45:02 +0200

"Christian B. Wiik" wrote:
> After starting an Aterm, my numeric keypad doesn't
> work, it just produces a "visual_bell". The funny
> thing is, that after running a program like
> "less", "vi" or "man" once, the keypad starts
> working. I don't have this problem with XTerm.

I think there is something funny going on with
the numeric keypad generally. I find that when
the Num Lock key is on I cannot write into text
fields and the like. Pressing Num Lock to switch
it off rectifies that problem. The bottom line is
that when I'm in AfterStep I cannot use the numeric
keypad. Full stop. It's just a useless bit of space
at the end of my keyboard. Luckily, some of the
keys on the main part of the keyboard have numbers
on them and I can use those. However, unlike you
I find that I can use the numeric keypad fine in
terminal windows (I generally use rxvt). It might
be that if you fixed the problem you have, you'd
get the problem I have instead. It would be nice
if we could fix both.

Oh, before anyone asks. I have read the FAQ but
I couldn't find anything about the num lock key
in it. A thousand apologies if it's there and I
missed it.