Re: Zapping...

Christian B. Wiik (
11 May 1999 11:27:42 +0200

[Greg Anderson <>]
| Christian B. Wiik wrote:
| > When I uniconify a window, my pointer moves to the upper left
| > corner. I believe this is "zapping" and can be configured in feel. But
| > how do I remove it completely? I've tried commenting out the zap-lines
| > without success.
| Doesn't happen to me when I use the feel.DEFAULT.
| Try doing a tkdiff on it against the feel file 
| you are using.  Maybe something obvious will pop out.

Thanx. That did it. I had to comment out "StubbornIcons". Where's the

>From the man-page:
              Specifies that  icons  should  uniconify  to  their
              original  desk.  By default, icons uniconify to the
              current desk.

I can't understand why this should effect "Zapping".

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