Re: xdm replacements?

Danny Ross Lunsford (
Thu, 13 May 1999 04:40:15 -0500

Yes, on a 486 KDE is as slow as Windows NT :-( Don't even think about

I agree, AfterStep is my WM of choice even on a fast box, because it's
that much faster! But users are going to want the touchy feely of KDE,
and in truth KDE *is* very well written, mostly because of Qt. It's just
doing a lot of UI things like PM under OS/2 which requires a lot of
resources. In fact KDE reminds me, more than anything else, of OS/2 Warp

You should still try KDE on your 486. It's not *that* bad - and with

echo AfterStep > ~/.wm_style

you are back to being in the fast lane!

Here's hoping the AS team will keep performance and efficiency uppermost
in their minds!