New AS feature, bug report and ideas ...

tildouf (
Fri, 14 May 1999 19:31:18 +0200

1) Thanks NEKKED:

First, i want to thank NEKKED for his very good job,
the last patch give AS a very nice feature for the
look of the window, and the cursors.

Many, many thanks to you NEKKED !

For those who want an illustration,
go to
and look to my current desktop (click on
the image).

2) Bug report:

Frame doesn't work as it would be expected
with vertical title bar.

3) Ideas:

Button placement:

In the look file, add a relative geometry to the button:

ex:  TitleButton 1 +5,+5 pixmap1.xpm pixmap2.xpm
which mean: TitleButton1 would be placed -5,-5
from the left top side, outside of the window.

-5,-5 would be placed to -5,-5 from the left down
side of the window.

+5,+5                                         -5,+5
   i                                               i
   i                                               i
+5,-5                                        -5,-5

+5,+5 give the area where the button should
be placed with the window,
and 5,5 give the relative distance in pixel
to place the button "outside" the window.
(which mean x_top_left -5,y_top_left -5)

This feature would give us the ability to place
button near (and "outside") andaround the
window, and not always in the title bar.

(The same thing for the titlebar ?)

Surely an idea of a "no coder" man ......