Re: gtk upgrade woes!

Jeroen Asselman (
Tue, 18 May 1999 06:11:49 +0000

James wrote:

> On Tue, 18 May 1999, Michael Katz wrote:
> # What do I have to do to upgrade gtk... what files are necesary besides gtk
> # and glib?  are there rpm's available?
> i don't like rpms, it's much more fun to compile your own stuff. For GTK
> you need
> Glib
> Go on, be a man, compile your own code :) (i know rpm lets you uninstall
> stuff easily, but i don't plan on removing GTK, i will upgrade it, but i just
> install the new one over the old one - probably not the right way to do it,
> but it lets you keep the old libs on your system, and everything still works)

 If you have got an RPM based system, it isn't advisable to compile your own
stuff. (Except afterstep as it is quite impossible to patch an RPM file :-) ) ..
When you are going to compile your own GTK and GLIB it will work fine. However,
as soon as you are going to install a GTK based program with RPM it will not be
able to find the GTK libraries as they weren't installed by RPM.

You can find lots of RPMS at (this is a mirror site). If you
have installed gnome 1.0 or going to install this one, there is a nice utility
called GnoRPM . When you are connected to the internet you can choose to install
programs with this utility and search for the necessary RPM by itself. And if you
want to download them.

If you are about to compile this stuff anyway, I'd would advise you to do first
the following:
move all files/directories to /usr/local to /usr
remove /usr/local
make a symbolic link from /usr to /usr/local

Why? RedHat normally installs everything in /usr where self compiled program
mostly install in /usr/local . Making a link to /usr all programs get in the same
directory anyway. This avoids some problems.

btw: Yes I know this is an afterstep mailing list, just wanted to avoid someones
system to get messed up....

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