Re: patch 1.7 13: bug report

tildouf (
Tue, 18 May 1999 22:15:49 +0200

Sorry Delt, i don't know what happened, but
my bug report was false, or AS and your
patch wasn't the cause.

And your new rubberband effects look very nice ... :)


Does i'm right if i report a bug with Audio module ?

I think i'm (i hope):

Audio doesn't play the good song for the good

example: shutdown -> 1.wav
and Audio play 1.wav and the window is raised.

And shutdown doesn't work, startup doesn't too.

It seems that lines from 431 to 439 give
a wrong number of event.

The store table (line 352) seems ok according
to the message table (at the begining).

Audio perhaps didn't be updated ?



> >I tried the last patch came from delt

> >1.7.90-13, and AfterStep, after start up,
> >has been (stopped).
> hmm, works fine here, I cannot see anything in this patch that could cause
> your troubles. It would be interesting to find out what was causing that.
> >SEVERE BUG for me.