Re: gtk upgrade woes!

Tomas Duewiger (
18 May 1999 19:29:59 +0200

James <> writes:

> i don't like rpms, it's much more fun to compile your own stuff. For GTK
> you need
> GTK Glib
> Go on, be a man, compile your own code :) (i know rpm lets you uninstall
> stuff easily, but i don't plan on removing GTK, i will upgrade it, but i
> just install the new one over the old one - probably not the right way to
> do it, but it lets you keep the old libs on your system, and everything
> still works)

There is a tool for that called installwatch. You can compile some stuff,
install it with installwatch and make a quick and dirty rpm with
inst2rpm. It doesn't work 100% correctly, but you can keep an eye on what
you got installed, uninstall it (not perfect though) and rpm dependencies
are provided. 

I use that for quite a while now and on some packages you need to remove
links and directories by hand, but it works and you don't have to learn
how to build rpms.

It also works with AfterStep when you rpm -e the old version before
installing the new one (just to get on-topic ;) )


Tomas Duewiger