Re: gtk upgrade woes!

Chris Ross (
Wed, 19 May 1999 00:46:43 +0200

Coplan wrote:
> As I have found, I have never had problems so long as I don't try to do
> RPM installs in the future.  I am slowly switching my system from an RPM
> based system to a self-compiled system.  Needless to say, it is slow
> going.  Maybe I should've started with a compiled system from the start.

For what it's worth (about tuppence), I've come to the same
I intend to get a new computer and start building/installing
from scratch because RPMs are such a pain! Especially when
you try to
install an RPM and it depends on something you already have
on the
system but it wasn't installed from an RPM. This even
happens when the
stuff it's complaining you don't have is there from the
original RedHat
install which is really irritating.

Anyway, this is waaay off topic.