Re: Click anywhere in window -> focus

Christian B. Wiik (
19 May 1999 08:21:19 +0200

[Andre Pang <>]
| Hi all,
|     Is there a directive in a feel config file or a module which allows you
| to make a window focused when you click *anywhere* on the window, rather
| than just the titlebar?  I've tried something like adding "Mouse 0 W A
| Focus" to the feel file, but that doesn't work because the moment you click
| on any window, including the current one, AfterStep intercepts the
| mouse-click and the application doesn't receive the 'click'.

I use this line:

ClickToRaise 1

It's the "1" that makes the difference. Is this a hidden "feature"
since I can't find any documentation on it?

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