Re: bug in Audio module( was Re: patch 1.7 13: bug report )
Wed, 19 May 1999 11:13:07 -0500

>may i ask what is broken in the audio module?  i've had some pretty good

i have noticed that sometimes the AS sounds will continue on a bit longer
than they should.  what i mean is that an action will occur that will
cause a sound to go off but the sound might sometimes repeat itself.
might that be the bug? :-)

This is it, some folks complaint that it can be pretty bad

>thanks for all the great insights you guys!  i really enjoy 'listening in'
>on all the conversations.

>by the way...anyone going to LinuxExpo?  i'm covering it for the place i
>write for (techrepublic).

don't you start - I'd go if somebody would send me ther

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