Re: gtk upgrade woes!

Jeroen Asselman (
Wed, 19 May 1999 20:15:00 +0000

Chris Ross wrote:

> Coplan wrote:
> > As I have found, I have never had problems so long as I don't try to do
> > RPM installs in the future.  I am slowly switching my system from an RPM
> > based system to a self-compiled system.  Needless to say, it is slow
> > going.  Maybe I should've started with a compiled system from the start.
> For what it's worth (about tuppence), I've come to the same conclusion.
> I intend to get a new computer and start building/installing everything
> from scratch because RPMs are such a pain! Especially when you try to
> install an RPM and it depends on something you already have on the
> system but it wasn't installed from an RPM. This even happens when the
> stuff it's complaining you don't have is there from the original RedHat
> install which is really irritating.

I had this to, about an half year ago I compiled most of my stuff. Now I am
switching back to RPM again. And no, you don't need the 'original' stuff from
RedHat itself.
I beleive there is a function rpm --rebuilddb which is going to rebuild the
database with all on your system installed stuff (I have been tolled, and I
am not able to verify this right now).
People seem to like blaming RPM for all those dependecies. You will get these
to if you are going to compile it your own. However, if you are lucky you
will get a nice error when you run the ./configure ... otherwise it just
won't compile. I think RPM solves this in a nice way.
Oh well, some people just don't see RPM as a comfortable thingie... (which
can be quite true sometimes)

> Anyway, this is waaay off topic.

Yes it is.

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