magic term?
Thu, 20 May 1999 14:35:10 -0500

>Sorry, everybody. I didn't put in a subject before, so I'm resending.

>This is what I want to do:

You have to create/mdify record in ~/G/L/A/database file for it.

>Put a transparent term on the desktop so that it
You have to use aterm for transparency. start it as : aterm -tr
also use -sh and -tint options to tint/shade it to your liking

>1)shows up in the winlist,
Don't put NoWinList in the entry for that.

>2)doesn't get mouse focus rather only focuses through the keyboard or winlist,
NoFocus I belive was the keyword

>3) works as if it were part of the root window! <-- this is the biggie--
I'm not sure about this one, but I think NoFocus will give you what you want.

you may also add NoHandles to remove unneeded decorations
and NoTitle to remove Titlebar from it.

So as the result you'll get something like :
Style     "aterm"     NoFocus, NoHandles, NoTitle

Yeah, and you need to use latest devel afterstep ( me thinks ).

>I want it to act as if it were part of my desktop so that I can click in the
>term window and get my root menu, not focus! Focus would be through the winlist
>or a function key... whatever.

It would be very usefull for you to read man page for afterstep ( man afterstep)
look in configuration files/database section  - there are pletora of options,
and one can't
remember all of them. It will be Enlightening reading for you I bet :)
>I've thought that if only there were the ability to specify a window name for
>"context" in the keybindings section that this would solve my problem.

>In this case I guess this is a suggestion for a future feature. But perhaps
>someone knows another way of doing it?
There sure is a way to do all this using database options.

Feel free to ask questions if you do not understand any particular part of man