MyStyle : Backpixmap

Jack Tripper (
Sun, 23 May 1999 20:30:28 -0700 (PDT)


i'm running as 1.7.90 snapshot (--version still says .90 after i applied
all the patches.. does that mean i applied them incorrectly?) with the
Transparent.rev look. i made a file called
~/G/L/A/desktop/icons/16bpp/transparent.xpm which is 1x1 pixel. i copied
look.Transparent.rev to ~/G/L/A/loks/look.gage , and changed the line
within MyStyle "*WharfTile" (wharf MyStyle) from 
BackPixmap 129
BackPixmap 128 transparent.xpm

when i make this change and re-select my look from the start menu, it
works fine. the difference between doing things this way and using
BackPixmap 129 is that in the wharf background, instead of seeing the
desktop, i can see my windows underneath. however, when i manually stop
and restart the wharf module, it appears with all of the icons layered one
over another. i tried increasing the size of transparent.xpm as far as
1000x1000 pixels, but this did not solve the problem. 

i'd love it if this (apparent) bug were addressed or if somebody could
suggest a workaround. 



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