Bug report ? (2)

tildouf (tildouf@club-internet.fr)
Mon, 24 May 1999 11:25:43 +0200

I use the last devel AS and all the patches.

With Pager, i notice that it doesn't
seem to get the look files stuff on start up.
Then i stop Pager and reload it and all run fine !

What is the matter ?

An other question: in look file,
in Pager section, i have *PagerActiveDesk and
*Pager InActiveDesk style.

I believed that ActiveDesk was for selected desk,
and InActive for unselected desk.

How can i get it ?

i use in pager config file:

*PagerStyle  0 *PagerActiveDesk
*PagerStyle  1 *PagerInActiveDesk

but when i click to desk 1, Desk 0 doesn't
go to InActive style, and Desk 1 doesn't go to
active style.



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