Bug report ? (2)

Mon, 24 May 1999 08:31:12 -0500

>I use the last devel AS and all the patches.

>With Pager, i notice that it doesn't
>seem to get the look files stuff on start up.

hmm, this is wierd. How do you know that it does not get look stuff ?

>Then i stop Pager and reload it and all run fine !
Send me your autoexec, look and pager files for debugging

>What is the matter ?

>An other question: in look file,
>in Pager section, i have *PagerActiveDesk and
>*Pager InActiveDesk style.

>I believed that ActiveDesk was for selected desk,
>and InActive for unselected desk.

This styles apply only to Desk labels - not the entire desk window.

>How can i get it ?
You get it automatically , when you switch between desks.
Which means that LABEL!!! of the desk changes color/texture etc.

>i use in pager config file:

>*PagerStyle  0 *PagerActiveDesk
>*PagerStyle  1 *PagerInActiveDesk
You should not do this, unless you want your entire desk window to be the same
as the label. But it will be static and not changing accordingly to
desk change.

>but when i click to desk 1, Desk 0 doesn't
>go to InActive style, and Desk 1 doesn't go to
>active style.

I bet you don't have labels in your Pager.



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