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David Mihm (
Fri, 21 May 1999 08:24:57 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 21 May 1999, Vidar Hoel wrote:

>Is it possible to have to startmenus?
>I have the standard startmenu on Mbutton1 in start/, and I would like
>another menu, on Mbutton2 in, lets say, start2/ or something.
>(I am using the latest Afterstep)

	It is possible to have two menus or more.  I am using a second
menu left over from version 1.0 that I'll provide as an example.  This
menu appears with a click or the right mouse button on the root
background; and in doing so, on of the internal WinList menus is removed
from the default "style".

1) under Functions -->

Popup "Window-Ops"
        Title           "Window Ops"
        Function        "Move"          Shade-or-Raise
        Function        "Resize"        Resize-or-Raise
        Raise           "Raise"
        Lower           "Lower"
	PutOnTop	"(Un)PutOnTop"
        Stick           "(Un)Stick"
        Function        "(Un)Maximize"  Maximize_Function
	Destroy         "Destroy"
        Close           "Close"
        Refresh         "Refresh Screen"
	Exec		"Window Properties" exec xprop | xmessage \
			-center -title 'xprop' -file -

[ Note: this uses Functions I have defined.
The use of MiniPixmaps can also be employed here, but is left as an
excercise for the reader - I personally detest them. :) ]

2) under Mouse actions -->
Mouse 3         R       N       PopUp "Window-Ops"

[ This is where you change the default line 'Mouse 3 R A WindowList' to
the one above - if you want it on Mouse Button 3 (right click) ]

	It's as easy as that.  I hope you can see that it can be bound to
anything as it is bound to the mouse button, e.g. F1, or even the Up arrow
key. :)

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