Re: 1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

Martin DiViaio (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 13:42:35 +0000

I realize that the "relationship" between Ziff Davis and the open source
community is not a very good one...

I recently saw something on ZDTV's Silicon Spin that talks about many of
the issues that this thread brings up. I would strongly recommend that
both developers and end-users should look this up. (That's assuming that
it still available on their site.)

In a nutshell: Programmers write programs with alot of features that
really nobody but programers can really use effectively. The reason for
this is that they either don't have the skill at interface design or
never considered interface design when they started writting the
program. (The show called it pouring the concrete (of code,) letting it
set then deciding to erect the forms around it.) When "normal" users
start to complain that they can't use the programs the programmers
usually fall back on the excuse: "It has alot of features, doesn't it?"

How does this apply here? Stupid questions sometimes get asked. I am not
saying that the person who started this thread is stupid. I just don't
feel that he should receive so much flack because he didn't remember or
understand something that "everyone should know."

Let's also look at one other point. While the quality of documentation
for AfterStep is top rate, there sometimes is a problem of finding
specific little things that you may need. It is certainly easier (and
sometimes faster) to post a question to this list and wait for an
answer. Especially for someone who has no programming background and is
having trouble.

Final point: Please remember that one of the first website "newbies" to
Linux find is the LDP. One of the first things they read about is the
fact that man pages are being phased out in favor of info files, HOWTO's
and TeX files. Sometimes a "newbie" will tend to forget that man pages
exhist at all and post questions that sometimes are VERY clearly
explained in a man page that the user has never thought to read. This is
also sometimes reinforced when you call up a man page for a common
command and get "This man page is no longer being maintained..."

That's my $.02 worth on it. Excuse me while I dig out my asbestos

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