Re: Compiling error missing x

Tomas Duewiger (
03 May 1999 07:48:10 +0200

Tim Churchward <> writes:

> I have a small problem with installing some programs under afterstep.
> It's happened a few times however this time I decided to get to the bottom
> of it. I think I was installing WINE. Anyway here's what happened.
> I untared it etc and did "./configure" and that was fine. Then I did
> "make" and this is where the problem is. It gets up to
> "checking for x"
> Then I get
> "...configure: error: Can't find x includes. Please check your
> installation and add the correct paths"

You need to install the xdevel packages from your distribution. It is
called something like XFree86-devel-3.3.3 depending on your


Tomas Duewiger