Afterstep on IRIX - Help!

Julian Richardson (
Wed, 26 May 1999 17:33:52 +0100

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Afterstep 1.6.10 built / installed on an SGI O200
machine running IRIX 6.5 and have had limited success so far...

I ran configure which went OK, then ran make. Initially the build died
when trying to compile x_pager.c due to the following line:

    if ((shape = alloca (squares_num * sizeof (XRectangle))) == NULL)

basically the build was complaining about not being able to assign an
int to the 'shape' variable. I ended up casting the return from alloca()
to 'XRectangle *' before assigning which the compiler swallowed OK, but
not knowing that much C I have no idea if that's causing some, if not
all of the problems that follow...   (I also needed to add an include
for alloc.h into the same file before things would compile).

Having built (seemingly) OK, I did a 'make install' and that seems fine

Now, the SGI doesn't seem to like .xinitrc in my home directory and
always runs it's own default window manager when I connect via XDM - I
still need to look into that and fix it. So, I start afterstep by
killing the process for the default SGI window manager and then starting
afterstep from the shell.

This is where my problems start. Firstly, afterstep starts but my Pager
appears for a few seconds and then disappears. I get a whopping 132MB
core file left in my home dir for my trouble (the machine's got a GB of
memory!), but no other apparent indication of a problem. Is this due to
my hack to the x_pager.c file mentioned above, or likely to be something
else? How can I tell?

Secondly, I can't pick up my existing shell windows with the mouse and
move them around, nor do I get any sort of menu when clicking with the
left or right mouse buttons on the desktop. Is that a pager-related
problem, or just due to the way I'm killing off the default SG window
manager and starting afterstep from a shell?

Thirdly, afterstep complains about missing image files on startup, such
as the following:

	LoadImage: cannot read

... these files don't exist, although I do have files created as part of
the install such as
d, just not with any form of '' extension.

Fourthly (and finally!) afterstep complains about not being able to find
'xli' on startup; I looked and such a binary isn't present on the
system. I don't get any background to my desktop, nor do I get any
'icons' on my shell window titlebars - no minimize, close button etc.

Has anyone got any ideas about any of these? Email me for more info if
required - I'm hoping this all stems from a single problem (eg. my pager
hack!) but may be a multitude of things. It's not the X server software
I'm using (Chameleon from and NT machine) as I've used that to connect
to various Linux boxes at work running Afterstep without problem.