Re: Maximized window vs Wharf (and/or Pager)

Ethan (
Wed, 26 May 1999 13:02:53 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Tomasz Grabarczyk wrote:

> I've recently migrated from Win32 to Linux platform, and I use the
> AfterStep as my window manager.
> Still, I wonder about one function (very useful for me) , which I saw in the
> LiteStep shell I used on Win32 (as I know, the Window Maker has it too):
>  Is it possible to force the maximized window to "attach" itself to Wharf's / Pager's edge?
> At now, both the Pager and the Wharf are floating "on top", so then
> I'm working over the text in maximized window, some letters are hidden under these useful
> gadgets.
>    I use the latest (non-devel) version of AS.

>From the devel man page:

AvoidCover | AllowCover
Specifies that other windows should not be allowed to cover the app 
window.  Prevents other windows from moving in front of (or behind) the 
app window.  If SmartPlacement is specified in the feel file, windows 
will not be allowed to automatically place themselves over the app 
window, if possible.  AllowCover turns off AvoidCover.  The default is  

... perhaps this is what you're looking for?  Wharf and Pager are set to 
AvoidCover in the default configuration of the devel version of AfterStep.

Ethan Fischer