Afterstep on IRIX - Help!
Wed, 26 May 1999 15:43:00 -0500

>Hi all,
>I'm trying to get Afterstep 1.6.10 built / installed on an SGI O200
>machine running IRIX 6.5 and have had limited success so far...
>I ran configure which went OK, then ran make. Initially the build died
>when trying to compile x_pager.c due to the following line:
>    if ((shape = alloca (squares_num * sizeof (XRectangle))) == NULL)

You can change it to  :
    if ((shape = (XRectangle*)safemalloc (squares_num * sizeof (XRectangle))) ==
which is what it is suppose to be. I'll change it sometime.

>basically the build was complaining about not being able to assign an
>int to the 'shape' variable. I ended up casting the return from alloca()
>to 'XRectangle *' before assigning which the compiler swallowed OK, but
>not knowing that much C I have no idea if that's causing some, if not
>all of the problems that follow...   (I also needed to add an include

You did good!

>for alloc.h into the same file before things would compile).

>Having built (seemingly) OK, I did a 'make install' and that seems fine

>Now, the SGI doesn't seem to like .xinitrc in my home directory and
>always runs it's own default window manager when I connect via XDM - I

As far as I know you should use .xsession instead of .xinitrc when logging
in with xdm.

>still need to look into that and fix it. So, I start afterstep by
>killing the process for the default SGI window manager and then starting
>afterstep from the shell.
>This is where my problems start. Firstly, afterstep starts but my Pager
>appears for a few seconds and then disappears. I get a whopping 132MB
>core file left in my home dir for my trouble (the machine's got a GB of
>memory!), but no other apparent indication of a problem. Is this due to
>my hack to the x_pager.c file mentioned above, or likely to be something
>else? How can I tell?

It is definately not connected to your fix to Pager, as far as this piece of
code is
only run when you have *PagerHideInactiveLabels in your pager config - which I
you do.

Most likely problem is connected to some wrong format of background image
file non-configurable/1_background or to some problems with libXpm
Check that you've got latest version of libXpm  - 3.4k I belive it is.

>Secondly, I can't pick up my existing shell windows with the mouse and
>move them around, nor do I get any sort of menu when clicking with the
>left or right mouse buttons on the desktop. Is that a pager-related

That is really wierd. You should check that you have enough permissions to write
and read in  /usr/people/jules/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/non-configurable/ dir
it sure sounds like you don't.

>problem, or just due to the way I'm killing off the default SG window
>manager and starting afterstep from a shell?
I would doubt that.

>Thirdly, afterstep complains about missing image files on startup, such
>as the following:

>    LoadImage: cannot read
>      configurable/].

looks like Pager is unable to load your background image from file.

>... these files don't exist, although I do have files created as part of
>the install such as
>d, just not with any form of '' extension.

>Fourthly (and finally!) afterstep complains about not being able to find
>'xli' on startup; I looked and such a binary isn't present on the

usage of xli is the final fallback for Pager to show background image.
I would reccomend you to install xli on your machine - it is great image viewer.
It should be available from sunsite archive.

>system. I don't get any background to my desktop, nor do I get any
>'icons' on my shell window titlebars - no minimize, close button etc.

>Has anyone got any ideas about any of these? Email me for more info if
>required - I'm hoping this all stems from a single problem (eg. my pager

It would be nice if you could read your core file with gdb and see what function
in Pager
caused crash - I would really appreciate this, and may be able to fix any bugs -
if there are any.

Also I'd reccomend you to try latest development version. Pager was changed
alot since 1.6.10 so it may work better.

>hack!) but may be a multitude of things. It's not the X server software
>I'm using (Chameleon from and NT machine) as I've used that to connect
>to various Linux boxes at work running Afterstep without problem.