Re: Yellow Warning

Coplan (
Wed, 26 May 1999 20:58:21 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 26 May 1999, David Mihm wrote:

> 	It must be the little disclaimer saying that the window manager
> you are using is one of the development versions that was stolen from the
> development bunker during the many years of espionage by the Enlightenment
> and Window Maker camps.  The AfterStep government is currently allocating
> a great deal of resources into conducting an internal investigation to
> flush out the moles.  At this time, we ask that you remove the stolen
> property from your machine and speak no furthur of this incident.  Some
> time in the future you might be approached, fear not ... it will be quick.
> :)
Oh...I thought this was Open source....I must've downloaded the
not-quite-open-source version.  =P

> 	Seriously, AfterStep has a Banner module started at startup, you
> could have changed the image it is using, or it might be picking up an
> image of same name which is this yellow box.  It might be an app you are
> starting up, which was left started when you last closed AfterStep.
> AfterStep itself has *no* yellow (by default) box that would be popping
> up; it has to be an application being started (and erroring) or something of
> the sort - maybe it's some new Red Hat thing. :) 
I have experienced it on occasion, so it may just be an error message that
it can't find a given filename.  I've never seen it in banner, but I've
seen it in xlock and xscreensaver.

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