RE: Afterstep on IRIX - Help!

Julian Richardson (
Thu, 27 May 1999 12:47:47 +0100

>>    if ((shape = (XRectangle*)safemalloc (squares_num * sizeof 
>> (XRectangle))) == NULL)
>> which is what it is suppose to be. I'll change it sometime.

ok, that seemed to work fine. thanks.

>> As far as I know you should use .xsession instead of .xinitrc when logging
>> in with xdm.

thanks again, that's all sorted.
>> Most likely problem is connected to some wrong format of background image
>> file non-configurable/1_background or to some problems with libXpm
>> Check that you've got latest version of libXpm  - 3.4k I belive it is.

ok, I managed to pass directories to the configure script to tell it
where libXpm lived and that seems to have solved the problem (I have
libXpm files in /usr/lib, /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64 so a bit of
trial-and-error was needed! :)

it's very slow to start up though... fair enough there's a lot of data
to shift across the network but startup speed is probably three or four
times what it takes on the old Pentium 75 linux box that I use quite
often, so it looks like there's some sort of performance hit in the code
itself somewhere. My money would be on the libXpm libraries - does
anyone know if there's any faster way of loading images (ie. is libXpm
known for being slow and is my linux box likely using some other library
to load images which is a lot quicker??)
>>>Secondly, I can't pick up my existing shell windows with the mouse and
>> That is really wierd. You should check that you have enough permissions to
>> and read in  /usr/people/jules/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/non-configurable/
>> it sure sounds like you don't.

that was some sort of pager-related problem, it's all fixed now that the
pager isn't dying because it can load images. 
>> looks like Pager is unable to load your background image from file.

again, sorted by getting the libXpm stuff to work...
>> It would be nice if you could read your core file with gdb and see what
>> in Pager
>> caused crash - I would really appreciate this, and may be able to fix any
>>bugs -
>> if there are any.

hmm, I went and zapped the core file. If I get a chance over the next
few weeks I may be able to help out. There's no gdb on the machine (or
gcc, or anything else useful!) so it means installing that too, and I
have enough trouble trying to build anything on these boxes as it is :*)
  (we're primarily doing Java work on them along with a bit of video
>> Also I'd reccomend you to try latest development version. Pager was changed
>> alot since 1.6.10 so it may work better.

hmm, I might give that a go sometime and see if it speeds things up at

thanks for all your help! (that goes to everyone who replied to my
email! :)