Re: Working on SunOS 5.5.1 w/o root, mostly.

David Mihm (
Sun, 30 May 1999 16:03:59 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 30 May 1999, Sarwat Khan wrote:

>4. I ran make. There was a problem building the JPEG stuff. 
>Specifically in as_jpeg.c on line 181, METHODDEF (void), I had to 
>change it to just "void". gcc reported a parse error before void.
>5. I copied all the binaries to ~/bin, and all the stuff in 
>afterstep/ to my Library/AfterStep directory.

	Wrong, wrong, wrong, you are just making steps up here.

>6. I tried running Afterstep from the command line. I got the libXpm 
>problem again. I thought that since configure said it found it, it 
>wouldn't be a problem (I should be able to ignore the stuff in the 
>README.SOLARIS), but I was wrong. I added the path to my environment 
>variables and it successfully said that it couldn't open the display. 
>I was happy :)
>7. I was logged in with a modem at the time. I started an X Server on 
>my local machine, set my display var in my telnet session, and ran 
>afterstep & xclock. I went out to buy some dinner, came back and 
>xclock was running with afterstep's look. Yay.
>8. I was wondering why I didn't have a dock, then I went to my telnet 
>session and it said:
>AfterStep: No such module <snip>/Library/usr/local/bin Animate
>AfterStep: No such module <snip>/Library/usr/local/bin Wharf
>9. I moved all the stuff except afterstep from ~/bin to 
>~/Library/usr/local/bin. Then Wharf worked.

	Again, wrong.  The FAQ is wrong, completely wrong, ignore the FAQ.

>10. I used the start menu to try and change the look, and the telnet 
>session said that it couldn't find the look file in 
>~/Library/usr/local/share/afterstep/looks/. Maybe more reading can 
>solve this, but shouldn't it be looking in my GNUstep-replacement 
>directory, ~/Library/AfterStep/looks? FYI, when I put one of the look 
>files from ~/L/AS/looks/ into ~/L/usr/local/share/as/looks/ it 
>worked. Would it be fine to just dump the rest of the looks file 

	I really don't understand the difficulty here.

	1) ./configure [optins]
	2) make
	3) make install
	4) work out how to run with whatever display yr trying to do here,
	   telnet or whatever.

	Did you do all these steps?  No, you completely skipped #3 and
therefore you don't have the required **install**.  The man page for
afterstep states that all the conf files are put into
/usr/local/share/afterstep (modified per your configure options) and then
must be copied, when required from here to the
~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/ (modified per your configure options).  It's
not required that they be in the ~/G/N/A dir, since your install won't be
able to use the theme.handler anyway; therefor keeping them where they are
is fine.  But you must of course have them there or you will get the error
that you have gotten.

>The only problem at this time is that it is looking in my 
>Library/AfterStep directory for the looks files, it's looking in 
>configure's datadir. Hopefully I can fix this without rebuilding and 
>changing configure's data dir. Will editing the base.*bpp files work?
>So, to summarize problems & stuff:
>- configure line 3398 needs to be edited as mentioned above.
>- I'm not sure why the problem with as_jpeg.c exists, but it does. I 
>guess METHODDEF wasn't defined.
>- It's obvious at this point that the FAQ is really out of date when 
>it comes to installing w/o being root. Here's some things that really 
>need to be changed: 1) It talks about making your own /bin, /etc, and 
>so on. That's really not needed. 2) It doesn't mention anything about 
>configure's options. Giving samples for configure's directory options 
>and what they mean (what will go in that directory) would be helpful. 
>Or just refer to another part of the FAQ that has that info. 3) I 
>didn't have to edit the base.*bpp files at all, since that was 
>handled by configure.

	I think I have said this three times now.

>- I think the READMEs should explain the significance of the prefix 
>and data/bin dirs more. For example, when it explains the bindir, it 
>says "--bindir=DIR   user executables in DIR". It would be nice if it 
>mentioned that user executables means modules and the like. Frankly, 
>before building, I didn't know I was going to end up with a bunch of 
>executable modules.

	I don't see how this is any different than any other program, but
I am partially biased. :)

>- I'm not sure why it's not looking in ~/Library/AfterStep/looks for 
>the looks files. Perhaps the install script is supposed to put those 
>into configure's data directory.

	It is the last step "make install" which you left out that
installs the base.  The error is not completely forthcoming.

>- There was that little problem with libXpm (when it originally 
>happened I didn't consider it a serious problem, since I had 
>configure all messed up anyway). The problem could just be me not 
>trusting the README.SOLARIS enough. Or maybe the readme could go into 
>more detail :P Like I said, since configure said it found it, I 
>thought libXpm wouldn't be a problem. I actually got the dir path for 
>libXpm from configure.log.

	And what would you have it say that's not already included?
	If for some reason you have forgotten, ignore the FAQ on the issue
of installation; trust the READEME and the README.Solaris. :)

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