Re: Working on SunOS 5.5.1 w/o root, mostly.

Sarwat Khan (
Mon, 31 May 1999 04:02:55 -0400

> >5. I copied all the binaries to ~/bin, and all the stuff in
> >afterstep/ to my Library/AfterStep directory.
>	Wrong, wrong, wrong, you are just making steps up here.

You're not helping. It says that in the FAQ. And don't tell me to 
ignore the FAQ, because I already used it.

> >9. I moved all the stuff except afterstep from ~/bin to
> >~/Library/usr/local/bin. Then Wharf worked.
>	Again, wrong.  The FAQ is wrong, completely wrong, ignore the FAQ.

What the point of telling me that after it's done? Sure, it's out of 
date. That was always obvious, but how much was not. It was the first 
thing I read (there's documentation on the site, I'm going to read 
it. I was reading it before I ever downloaded the tar archive). It 
says to follow the README until you get to the install process. 
That's what I did. It's not that shocking.

I read and understood the FAQ well before getting to the READMEs. The 
READMEs were just confusing the matter, and I decided to ignore them 
(the FAQ basically tells you to ignore the install stuff in the 
READMEs). You mentioned to read the READMEs in your last posts. You 
were also the last one to comment about the subject. The other posts 
led me to believe that I should keep doing what I'm doing (loosely 
follow the FAQ). So I kept doing that. You also posted

>The install script will *NOT* work, as it's a blind install, with no
>options and as he is finding out, no options will *NOT* work for him.

Leading me to believe that following the install steps is a bad idea. 
I now know you're talking about something else, but at the time I 
didn't understand the AfterStep installation process much at all.

If I had to do it a second time it would go flawlessly. Duh. If you 
had to do it, it would also go flawlessly. Things always seem clear 
when you know what you're doing. But it's very confusing when you're 
starting out. My last post was to document most of my troubles, not 
really to ask for help (ok, I did ask about the problems with the 
L/AS directory. ignore that, I've figured it out now).

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