Re: change that grey color in netscape

Ethan (
Mon, 3 May 1999 08:29:37 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 3 May 1999, jack wallen,jr wrote:

> i've just been lurking around for a long while and this thread made me
> think of something i've been wanting to do for some time.  i have a really
> nice theme going in afterstep that i'd like to continue into some
> applications.  all i want to do is change that grey color that is used for
> the grey in netscape.  where do i do this?

AfterStep has no control over the internal look of applications.  Often, 
however, an application's colors can be controlled from the ~/.Xdefaults 
file.  If so, you'll likely need to read the documentation for the app in 
question to determine the option to use.  For instance, to change the 
background color in netscape to blue, add the following to your 
~/.Xdefaults file:

Netscape*background: blue

... and either restart X or:

xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

Netscape has a truly enormous number of options, which are described in 
the file that came with netscape.

Ethan Fischer