Re: Animated GIFs in Afterstep?
Mon, 3 May 1999 15:01:54 -0500

>On Thu, Apr 29, 1999, Sasha Vasko wrote:
>> Coplan wrote:
>>> GIF is proprietry format.

>I do not agree.

>Only the LZW compression in GIF is proprietary and subject to
>licensing. Thus any Open Source program may:
> - save images as GIF (uncompressed GIF format exists)
> - load uncompressed GIF images
> - load compressed GIF images (only *compression* is patented)

I agree. It makes no sense to implement GIF support in AfterStep due to the
following reasons :
1) GIF sucks as far as it supports only 256 colors, we already have powerfull,
image format implemented - PNG - it supports ( our implementation supports )
24bpp images
with 1-bit alpha chanel. IMHO this functionality is more then enough for Window
Note, that if X will get 8bit support in shaped extensions, 8bpp alpha channel
would be supported by
AfterStep in a second - single line of code needs to be changed.
As the result of that there is not much sense in adding yet one more image
2) To implement Animation in afterstep quite a sagnificant rewrite needs to be
as far as evry thingle image manipulation routine needs to be changed, animation
added. That will make AfterStep a cumbersome, slow begemoth, besides wasting
memory on all
those animation phases pixmaps.
3) Animation for fun functionality is already implemented in Ethan's applet -
astate - I belive was the name.
Use it if you want some anymation in wharf or whenever.

>Look at, for instance, the Imagemagick program. It reads/write GIF
>images while remaining in section 'main' of the Debian distribution.
4) even thou it's alowed to read GIF now, nobody knows if it will be allowed
tomorrow - it is not an open

>Best regards,