Re: Problem with Uniconifying Windows

Greg Anderson (
Tue, 04 May 1999 01:59:30 -0400

Steve Ettorre wrote:
> I am using AS-1.7.90. A pattern is developing that when I have an aterm
> up and several iconized windows on the screen and then uniconify one of
> the icons, the window is not going to its original placement but is
> going to a position completely off the screen. What I think are relevant
> sections of my feel file are as follows:

The comments in your feel file are misleading.  Read
the man page an you will see the off screen problem
may just be the icons returning to their original

>      #
>      # Iconify to original place
>      StubbornIcons
man page:
  Specifies  that  icons  should  uniconify  to their
original desk. By default, icons uniconify  to  the
current desk.

>      #
>      # Uniconify to original place
>      StubbornPlacement
man page:
Specifies  that  new  windows  should  avoid  being
placed over icons.

Greg Anderson