Pager Gradients and transparency

Julian Catchen (
Tue, 04 May 1999 20:23:42 -0500 (EST)

Hello Everyone-

I just Upgraded to 1.7.90 and am trying to adapt to the new pager mystyles.

I was hoping for some advice on two problems:

          (1) I can't seem to get the pager to be transparent at all.  In
my old version, transparency was worked.  I have the following definition in my
look file:

        MyStyle "DeskStyle"
        # Considered to be Default
          ForeColor     grey70
          BackColor     grey30
        ##  Gradiated Pager -
        # BackGradient  2 cyan gray30
        ##  Transparent Pager -
        ##  Translucent Pager tinted <color>
        # BackPixmap    129 #a8a8a8
          MaxColors     30

I think that this is the default configuration.  No matter how I change the
transparency line I cannot seem to get it to work.  Also, in my pager file I
have a line referencing to this mystyle for each desk.

        (2) Whenever I define a gradient for use in the pager, or as a window
decoration with this shade of blue: #191970 and any shade of gray, the gradient
looks like a dark blue fading into a teal or green.  Again, in the previous
version I ran (1.6.1 or so), this did not happen.

Any help is appreciated,