Re: Animated GIFs in Afterstep?
Sun, 02 May 1999 00:32:22 +0900 (KST)

Le 01-May-99 Greg Anderson racontais : 
>  Looks like GIF is the only animated format out there that 
>  is useful at the moment.

I have a compressed image format in mind (actually I made a validation model in
asm 68k, 64 grey level only), that support animation (gif-like and/or
mpeg-like). The compression scheme is lossy, and my sample images achieved
jpeg/mpeg compression rate, with much better rendering.
I plan to recode it in C and make it open source, but I don't have time,
and I'm new in X programming, so I'm not very efficient in coding for now. If
someone wants to help me coding this, it can be done very fast, because the
algorithme is very simple : please send me a mail.

Le 01-May-99 a 14:48:44