Re: Pager Gradients and transparency

David Mihm (
Tue, 4 May 1999 23:01:07 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Julian Catchen wrote:

>Hello Everyone-
>I just Upgraded to 1.7.90 and am trying to adapt to the new pager mystyles.
>I was hoping for some advice on two problems:
>          (1) I can't seem to get the pager to be transparent at all.  In
>my old version, transparency was worked.  I have the following definition in my
>look file:
>        MyStyle "DeskStyle"
>          ForeColor     grey70
>          BackColor     grey30
>        ##  Transparent Pager -
>          Transparent 
>          MaxColors     30
>        ~MyStyle
>I think that this is the default configuration.  No matter how I change the
>transparency line I cannot seem to get it to work.  Also, in my pager file I
>have a line referencing to this mystyle for each desk.

	No, no it's not the default, did you look at the look.DEFAULT?
Where did you come up with this line?  The (appropriate) look.DEFAULT line
		##  Transparent Pager -
		  BackPixmap	129

As always, I'd suggest the correct entry. :)

	I also assume you mean that you have NOT described the appearance
of the pager in the pager conf (exactly as it's not defined in the shipped
default pager conf).  I say this because the Pager starts and reads the
pager conf file first, this means that if you have it's appearance defined
here, it will use it and ignore the look file.  The Pager will only read
the look file, and therefore all the modules MyStyles lines, when the look
is selected OR it has no other choice.  This might be incorrect in later
versions than when I knew it to be the case - but we'll say it's true for
the sake of argument here.

>        (2) Whenever I define a gradient for use in the pager, or as a window
>decoration with this shade of blue: #191970 and any shade of gray, the gradient
>looks like a dark blue fading into a teal or green.  Again, in the previous
>version I ran (1.6.1 or so), this did not happen.

	Not to sure what's happening here, possibly running out of colors?
If your colordepth is higher than 8bpp, then I revert to my first
statement - dunno.

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