1.7.90 oddities

Rex A. Roof (rex@dubbus.com)
Wed, 5 May 1999 11:02:08 -0400 (EDT)

I'm having a couple of problems with 1.7.90:

1) new windows aren't opening on top, and some windows
won't pop-up when I focus them... I do believe I'm using
autoraise, but I'm not entirely sure.   But, either way, 
it seems like new windows should open on top.  this really 
causes problems for Netscape, when I'm saving something or anything
pops up a new window.

2) when I update my startmenu, or update all, it makes duplicates
of anything in Desktop/feels or /looks or /pictures.  is this something
thats been fixed?  or needs to be fixed?

It seems like I've also been having problems with the modules, 
maybe Animate, when I ran it, I couldn't run the Pager or the 
Winlist.  and, the Wharf seg faults and core dumps.

this is a FreeBSD 3.1 box.  and I'm using Xfree 3.3.3, 
and everything seemed to compile fine.


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